, mode='r', force_overwrite=True, \*\*kwargs)

Open a trajectory file-like object

This factor function returns an instance of an open file-like object capable of reading/writing the trajectory (depending on ‘mode’). It does not actually load the trajectory from disk or write anything.


Path to the trajectory file on disk

mode{‘r’, ‘w’}

The mode in which to open the file, either ‘r’ for read or ‘w’ for write.


If opened in write mode, and a file by the name of filename already exists on disk, should we overwrite it?


Open trajectory file, whose type is determined by the filename extension

Other Parameters

Other keyword parameters are passed directly to the file object

See also

load, ArcTrajectoryFile, BINPOSTrajectoryFile, DCDTrajectoryFile
HDF5TrajectoryFile, LH5TrajectoryFile, MDCRDTrajectoryFile
NetCDFTrajectoryFile, PDBTrajectoryFile, TRRTrajectoryFile
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